Quick Transmigration: Top-Notch Villain Must Be Cleansed

Quick Transmigration: Top-Notch Villain Must Whitewash 共小创, 漫神共创 Once the big boss with a thousand lifetimes is reincarnated, the boss will be the little pitiful Lonely Star? In order to change that fate, Liang Yin transmigrates through time and space, oppresses scums and bitches, and strives to cleanse their reputations and reverse the fate of tragic characters. But cleansing always involves a kiss (no) and the location is always in the bath (no!), on the bed (no!!), and out in the open? (no no no!!!). Several times after, Liang Yin fell into deep contemplation. Could the answer be in the riddle? Cleansing until they’re clean?
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