Death to the white ferret weasel

Read manga Death to the white ferret weasel on treemanga For a thousand years I was imprisoned in the body of a weasel for destroying the country. One day, a beautiful guy fell down in front of me, not understanding what he was saying. The guy announced that I was his first love and started flirting. She took advantage of it and prayed for the end of her millennial life, “I decided to die again… … .” A great adventure to break the curse of a weasel princess! *** Soaz’s hand put the ferret on the floor. I started rummaging through the backpack I was carrying on my shoulder. Just for one night, why are you packing so much? A truly excellent preparation. ‘What else should you do?’ “I’ll go get a blanket.” ‘No, you mean you have all that?’ Soaz increased the opening of the bag. He pulled out the brown blanket. Silhouette of a housekeeper finishing getting ready for bed. sure… … . ‘It’s a bit expensive to give to others… … . ‘ “Yes?” ‘Oh no. Keep doing what you’re doing. ‘
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